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Randy W. Franklin

Admitted: Georgia, Illinois, Wisconsin
Law School: Massey Law College, JD.
College: Bradley University, B.A.

Mental Health Law

Having a family member become infirmed is a very personal and emotional experience. However, even our loved ones who suffer from mental incapacitation have legal rights. The term competence signifies a legal conclusion that an individual is capable of entering into a binding contract, transferring assets, or participating in a legal proceeding with a sound mind.

The 14thAmendment of the United States Constitution provides that all persons regardless of their mental state have the right to due process and are provided equal protection under the law, as those individuals who are fully and mentally competent.

Regardless of your particular circumstance, you and your family members need the peace of mind that you are receiving sound legal counsel that protects the interests of all parties involved. With over 37 years of experience, Franklin Law Offices understands the emotional toll involved with mental health issues and the law. Mr. Franklin understands the balance between providing the legal services you require along with a strong support system you also need. Mr. Franklin is a strong advocate of protecting the rights of those with mental health issues. He works effortlessly with the court system, judges and other attorneys to insure the rights of those in need.